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About Us

About Us



 About Microvita Group.



Microvita Group. is the ONLY, company that successfully Distribute  a tyre sealant product, as outlined by the Distributor, "Distributor Development Services" in the India. Microvita Group. is also, the only company that MANUFACTURES and DISTRIBUTOR its OWN tyre sealant product . 

Microvita Group. Holds Registered   in the names of Microvta, tyre sealants. Additionally we have a Indian patent pending, hold an approved Indian patent and have Registered. 

Microvta Tyre Sealant conforms to ECE Regulations 30 - The uniform provisions concerning the approval of pneumatic tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers. The ECE regulations 30, is a test conducted over 25,000 thousand miles at 100 MPH at 80% of the load index. During which the tyre was punctured by two 6mm puncture wounds and the tyre still maintained its tyre pressure throughout the duration of the test. (Copy of test can be obtained) 

Microvta's Head Office is in India, and we have successfully set up Distributor elsewhere. Due to our rapid growth we are currently offering auto Distributor for sale on a world- wide basis. Microvita Group. are seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals who have the capability to be their own boss and are interested in an auto Distributor or, would be interested in becoming a Master Distributor. 


After running various successful businesses, Microvita Group. Chairman  Mr. Mukesh Kumar started looking for the next big thing in the growing service industry. As with most Distributor the idea originated from personal experience in the market place. Mr. Mukesh Kumar acquired the technology and equipment and launched Microvita Group, a Company that could service and protect all pneumatic tyres on all wheeled vehicles. Tyre repair is a service of the past and puncture prevention by Microvta Tyre Sealant is a service of the future. 

His calculations were correct and he found a more than willing market. It soon became evident that Microvta Tyre Sealant could offer multiple advantages and value to its clients. 

Safety & The Environment

Improved safety, a more comfortable ride, immense savings on tyre wear and fuel cost (through having correct tyre pressure), guaranteed deliveries and (although not high on some peoples list) helping to protect the environment are all benefits of our Microvta Tyre Sealant product. 

Our Service

Is welcomed by all motorists. We provide them with increased Safety and peace of mind. By utilizing our specialized techniques, systems and skills, we render their tyres Microvta. So, no more worries about punctures on motor-ways, or unlit remote roads late at night, in dangerous weather conditions, or on the way to that important meeting. 

Microvta Tyre Sealant Users

Microvta and its Distributor have tyre sealant installation programs with, Multinational Companies, County Councils, Transport Companies, Construction Companies, Car Rental Companies and Car Dealerships.